That´s us – Ineza and Günther –
at a commercial TV-shooting in Kenia 2012.

We are two filmmakers who have been travelling the world for many years. Now we are taking a breath and make a dream come true – our own camp site. We´ve seen many campgrounds on the world and ours should reflect what we liked most at other places.

On the left, you can see us travelling through the Sahara with our expedition truck MAN KAT1. You might even see it standing at the campsite – when the travel fever gets us during camping season and we feel like spending some nights in the truck…

If you´re not scared away by now, come and visit us here, in Poland. We will be happy to listen to your travel stories at the camp fire – with a cold beer in the hand and some sausages over the flames – or veggies and fish if you prefere those  😉   …

watch our
sahara trip