Golonka is the Silesian word for “Schweinehaxe” and that´s exactly what you are going to get when you ask for that. A real Schweinehaxe, right out of the smoke oven. Do it the trucker´s way … stop at the smokery next to Gliwicka street Nr. 215 and order your smoked meat. Follow the sales person to the oven and choose … Lots of good stuff is hanging there! The prices are more than affordable. If you like it the Silesian way, prepare yourself Knedle (“gummiklejse”) and Sauerkraut and then get the Golonka, hot and smoked… Some mustard – perfect!




Of course, you can also bike ride from Camp9 should the “little hunger” overwhelme you. It takes about five minutes to the smokery.



address: ul. Gliwicka 215, 42-600 Tarnowskie Góry