Summer is in full swing, and there is nothing better than visiting the local fruit and veggies market on Tuesday or Friday morning. It’s a 15 minutes bike ride from Camp9 through a little valey and Tarnowskie Góry´s town park. Your bikes wheels will hardly touch any asphalt.


The market itself is very small but it is so much fun to dive into the colors and the scents of fresh herbs, berries and cauliflowers. The low prices for high quality produce are also very inviting.







Here´s  a typical Silesian summer lunch (recipe)                        cooked yellow runner beans, buttered cauliflower and boiled potatoes.

All sprinkled with dill and served with cold buttermilk.

A perfect light meal for a hot day.

You can buy all the ingredients for that recipe at our local food market:



And it´s so simple to prepare:

–   cook potatoes – as usual – until soft

–   cook cauliflower and runner beans in a bigger pot in salted water with a        dash of sugar until soft but still crunchy – let´s call it “al dente” …

–   melt a quarter of a butter in a frying pan and stir in breadcrumbs to make      a sauce

–   put beans and cauliflower on a plate and pour the melted breadcrumb-          butter sauce over them

–   place the potatoes next to beans and caulliflower, top them with fresh dill

–   serve with a glass of cold buttermilk



Smacznego – Enjoy – Guten Appetit! 



You´ll find Tarnowskie Góry food market just one minute walk from Town Square. Right where the synagogue was standing, once. This synagoge was burned down by the Nazis in the beginning of WW




Nowadays, while shopping and bargaining at the veggie stands, you can spot a lonely column in the middle of the small square bearing a David Star. It is quietly reminding us of this former place of worship.




The local market is open whole year, Tuesdays and Fridays from early morning until noon.


address: ul. Królika 20, 42-600 Tarnowskie Góry