Bernadeta is truly a selfmade woman. She is running a traditional farm with her husband and parents, near Tanowskie Góry. 80 grown up cows and 80 calves provide a lot of work. But you won´t see Bernadeta stressed out. Even if she was chasing her cows the whole night because they decided to open the gate and run after the full moon 🙂


But Bernadeta needed one more challenge. 2015 she decided to produce her own cheese and yoghurt. What can we say – try yourself; we are not buying anywhere else anymore. 


Her products:

  • Camembert
  • natural medium matured cheese
  • Garlic fresh cheese 
  • Fenugreek soft (young) and hard (semi matured) cheese (taste of nut)
  • Kümmel cheese (tastes Indian)
  • Chilly and Sun Dried Tomatoe-Basil soft cheese
  • medium mature Gouda
  • natural Yoghurt



If you want to have a look at her farm and cheese production, we can make an arrangement for you. Just let us know. If you just want to try her produce, she is delivering once a week to Camp9. Ask us for more information and how to place your order.


address: ul. Słoneczna 39, 42-690 Połomia